Voluntary work

I'm passionate about giving back

I was nominated for a Kings Award recently due to my extensive contribution towards groups and individuals who are disadvantaged, at risk or vulnerable. If you come from a place of empathy and compassion, it makes sense to use those natural attributes to support the work done by charities.

Click on this link, in order to see the amazing charities that I have had the pleasure of supporting, working with and giving my invaluable time to. As a student with no work experience, I was at a loss as to how to build up my portfolio, for me, working for free seemed like a strange concept, until I embarked on a lifelong mission to create change, make a different in the lives of others and learn from those who are currently experiencing discrimination (for various reasons in a number of contexts).

I am blessed to have developed invaluable skills within these charities who have trained me and continue to provide learning, development and healing opportunities.

I'm passionate about giving back, & supporting local charities.